Urban Regeneration projects worth billions of euros – the stakes for urban development in the coming years

During the 8th edition of the Smart City Industry Awards Gala (SCIA), the main event dedicated to the Smart City Industry in Romania, the Romanian Construction Designers' Employers' Association (PPC) was an institutional partner, represented by the president Alexandru Fulga and the vice-president Radu Dragomir.

The event also marked the conclusion of the collaboration agreement with the Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC), the partnership reflecting a common strategy and a shared vision of the urban future, standing out as a catalyst for the smart city industry, the most dynamic and promising growth direction in Romania.

"The partnership between PPC and ARSC is a successful model for the synergy between the building and smart city technology sectors, demonstrating that through collaboration and innovation we can build cities and communities that not only meet the needs of today, but can anticipate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow," said Alexandru Fulga, President of PPC.

PPC plays a key role in shaping the construction landscape by promoting standards of excellence, innovation and sustainability. PPC's active participation in SCIA 8 and direct engagement in strategic dialogue with the ARSC ecosystem underlines its commitment to the adoption of Smart City solutions and their integration into urban regeneration and construction projects, contributing significantly to the realisation of a shared vision for smarter, more efficient and connected urban communities.

At the same time, the strategic partnership between PPC and ARSC opens up new possibilities for the implementation of advanced technologies and innovative practices in construction and urban planning. This collaboration is an opportunity to strengthen the links between the construction sector and the smart cities ecosystem, providing a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices. In this way, PPC contributes not only to the development of urban infrastructure, but also to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens by promoting solutions that address the complex challenges of contemporary urbanisation.

"The SCIA 8 Gala showcased projects worth more than €2 billion, and the event is a clear demonstration of the huge potential that collaboration between PPC and ARSC can have," said Radu Dragomir, PPC Vice President. This is an important moment for the construction industry and the smart cities ecosystem in Romania, marking the beginning of a period where innovation, technology and sustainability are central pillars of urban development".