Romanian Construction Designers Employers’ Association

The Romanian Construction Designers Employers' Association (PPC) offers, at the initiative of its 40 founding members, the platform for the representation of employers in the field of construction design. Independent from public authorities, political parties and trade unions, the PPC completes the range of representation at the level of the construction sector, aiming at a unified representation of the common interests of its members.

Our vision

Romania's development depends on the quality and pace of construction in our country. And the success of the construction market depends on the crucial stage of design.

We, the Romanian Construction Designers Employers’ Association, have assumed the role of representing our profession, to ensure that together we make our voice heard, to be respected by institutional, public and private partners, making the most of our experience. In this way, Romania's chance of economic growth, which is closely linked to developments in the construction sector, will be able to match our vision.

Objectives and status

The main purpose of the Employers' Association is to represent the common interests of its members: companies, professional associations and authorised individuals in the field of construction design.

Board of directors

Virgil Profeanu

Secretary General
Quality expert and artificial intelligence researcher, Virgil Profeanu has contributed to the development of expert systems, which allow human-machine interaction in a structured and specialised framework. As Secretary General of the Romanian Construction Designers Employers' Association, Virgil Profeanu focuses his mandate on modernising and streamlining design processes. His priorities include eliminating the need to print documentation, fully transitioning to the use of digital signatures, implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and promoting the use of artificial intelligence in design. These initiatives aim to reduce execution time and costs, improve project quality and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. By adopting digital signatures, administrative processes will be speeded up and the document flow will be fully secure. The implementation of BIM is an essential step in optimising design and construction processes, providing an integrated vision of projects. The use of artificial intelligence will contribute to advanced data analysis and the generation of innovative design solutions, thus strengthening the position of Romanian design firms as advanced users of digital technologies.

Florin Nistor

First Vice-President
An engineer with over 20 years of experience, Florin Nistor is CEO and founder of ARCADIA (Arcadia AEN Architecture & PM and Arcadia Engineering), companies that have both a national and international presence. Florin Nistor has coordinated complex design teams, both for civil and industrial construction and for integrated documentation required for the economic foundation and financing of private and/or public investments. One of the founding members of PPC, Florin Nistor has taken an active role on the Board of Directors, in which capacity he aims to raise the profile of designers and make their role in the sustainable development of communities more visible. In this regard, he will implement an integrated approach with the actors in the design, financial, legislative and technological fields in order to highlight the importance and role of the designer in the harmonious and sustainable development of society.

Dragos Marcu

First Vice-President
Dragos Marcu, managing director of Popp and Associates, is the first vice-president of PPC, with the following priorities: Increase of designers' fees in relation to construction investment. Simplifying, clarifying and streamlining the designer's work. Increasing professional ethics (reducing unfair competition between structural designers). Strengthening the recognition of the importance of the structural design engineer in relation to the other members of the design team; Stakeholders participating in construction investment; Civil society His long-term objectives are to recognise the profession of structural design engineer as a liberal profession and to decentralise decision-making within the profession.

Razvan Puchici

First Vice-President
An architect with over 25 years of experience, Razvan Puchici is CEO of CUMULUS ARCHITECTURE, a company he founded. Architect Razvan Puchici has coordinated complex design teams, both for civil construction and for urban planning documentation or studies in the field of real estate. As one of the founding members of PPC, architect Razvan Puchici has taken an active role on the Board of Directors, in which capacity he aims to raise the profile of the architectural profession and make its role in the sustainable development of communities more visible. In this respect, he will maintain an open and constructive relationship with all professional organisations of architects and, implicitly, with his colleagues, in order to highlight the importance of the architect in the cultural development of a society.

Catalin Podaru

First Vice-President
Cătălin Robert Podaru is the founder and CEO of Leviatan Design, one of the most digitalized and automated construction companies in Romania. As PPC's first vice-president, Cătălin Podaru's priorities are to promote digital solutions, BIM methodology and artificial intelligence in order to streamline the design process, but also to automate workflows so that designers' efficiency increases and design companies save time, resources and reduce human errors. In addition, Cătălin Podaru is actively promoting policies and regulations that can contribute to the digital transformation of the construction sector.

Marian Cernovschi

First Vice-President
Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field of plant engineering, Marian Cernovschi is the founder of MC General Construct Engineering. Marian Cernovschi has a rich experience in the field of design as well as in providing consulting services, guiding designers and verifying the application of projects in practice, being actively involved in promoting the most innovative solutions in the field of plant engineering and BIM design since 2010. He has taken an active role in the Board of Directors, will use his long experience in the field of design as well as the management of a plant design company to guide design firms in maintaining a strong link between Designer, Contractor and Investor, so that investors' ideas are translated into feasible projects.

Daniel Mihailescu

First Vice-President
Daniel Mihălescu is a geological engineer and road design engineer, with about 20 years of experience in the field of graduate studies. Mr. Mihailescu owns and manages the companies East Water Drillings SRL, Prospect Drill SRL and Prospect Technical Sudies SRL, the main activities being design services in the fields of road and rail infrastructure, civil construction, drilling and boring works for construction, as well as technical testing and analysis. Given the particular importance of the geotechnical study in assessing the quality of a site from the point of view of the construction that can be carried out, as first vice-president of the PPC, Daniel Mihăilescu wishes to bring to the forefront the need to respect and correlate the data taken from the field with the technical-economic documentation that designers prepare for the construction of a building. It also aims to promote active collaboration between architects, road, bridge and railway design engineers and geological engineers. In this respect, Mr. Mihăilescu will support the model of highlighting and propagating various ways of active collaboration between the geotechnical studies department and the design department.

Mihai Dragomir

Vice President
As Vice President of the Board of Trustees, Mihai Dragomir leverages his strong expertise in structural engineering and is actively involved in the development and implementation of policies that support the growth and performance of design companies. With over 20 years of experience, Mihai Dragomir contributes to the strategic direction of design companies to implement safety and efficiency standards. His proactive approach to technological development and adaptation to new trends in construction highlights a strong commitment to excellence. Through advocacy and collaboration, he aims to strengthen the industry's position in the face of contemporary challenges and ensure high quality standards in structural design.

Bogdan Babici

Vice President
Bogdan Babici is a registered architect and OAR member with over 25 years of experience in integrated design for civil, industrial and energy sector objectives. Founder and CEO of Tecon, he has accumulated in the 30 years since its establishment a rich experience in entrepreneurship, complex design and interdisciplinary coordination. Within PPC, he aims to contribute to the strengthening of the community of designers as a foundation of the process of modernization and sustainable development of Romanian society. Design can only be done by specialists resulting from a long and expensive training process. The field of design needs to start attracting a larger number of young people especially in the context of the use of new technologies and AI, which is why, through PPC, we will take the necessary steps to ensure this dynamic field the predictability and stability necessary for its development.

Radu Dragomir

As CEO of Urban Scope Romania, Radu Dragomir has the privilege of leading a team dedicated to innovation and sustainability in urban design. In his new role as Vice President of the Romanian Construction Designers' Employers' Association, Radu Dragomir will be able to contribute to shaping the future of the construction industry in our country, with a special focus on innovation, sustainability and efficiency. The industry must respond to today's needs, but it must also be prepared for future challenges, whether they are related to the environment, technology or social change. One of the main objectives will be to facilitate a constructive dialogue between designers, builders, government and other stakeholders to shape a legislative framework that supports innovation and sustainable development.

Alin Ungureanu

A graduate of the Faculty of Installations of the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, Alin Mihai Ungureanu has over 20 years of experience as an engineer. General Manager and founder of the ADDICT group of companies, working in the field of building installation engineering. As a founding member of PPC, Alin Mihai Ungureanu has taken a visible and active role at the Board of Directors level, to present publicly the needs of the installation design companies. Together with the other categories of design engineers and architects, he will collaborate in the elaboration of methodologies and workflow organization schemes within integrated projects, highlighting the essential role of the installation designer, taking into account the context of climate change and adaptation to new legislative requirements in the field. Installation projects require sustainable solutions, both in terms of environmental impact, functionality and energy efficiency, utility infrastructure development, digitalization and automation of processes and installation systems.

Emanuel Visan

Vice President
Emanuel Visan is an architect and co-founder of Quadratum Architecture, whose field of activity is civil and infrastructure design, and is also a founding member and vice-chairman of the PPC Board of Directors. He aims to promote the idea of developing the Employers' Association with young firms, seeking to understand the situations faced by small and medium-sized firms and to present them to the patronage as a united voice. In his view, this is aimed at changing the perception of designers and promoting a spirit of collaboration and mutual support between firms in the sector. He also aims to improve the relationship between designers-authorities-beneficiaries and wants to develop a more inclusive and strengthened design ecosystem that can face the challenges in the industry and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Legislative Details

Ordonanță de urgență 47/2022 privind ajustarea preţurilor contractelor de achiziţie publică a fost publicată in Monitorul Oficial

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LEGE nr. 281 din 2 decembrie 2021 pentru aprobarea Ordonanţei Guvernului nr. 15/2021 privind reglementarea unor măsuri fiscal-bugetare

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ORDONANŢĂ DE URGENŢĂ nr. 117 din 4 octombrie 2021 pentru modificarea şi completarea Legii nr. 53/2003 - Codul muncii

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ORDIN nr. 1321 din 20 septembrie 2021 pentru aprobarea standardelor de cost aferente obiectivelor de investiţii prevăzute la art. 4 alin. (1) lit. a)-c) din Ordonanţa de urgenţă a Guvernului nr. 95/2021 pentru aprobarea Programului naţional de investiţii

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Instrucțiunea 41/04-10-2021 pentru aprobarea Metodologiei privind aplicarea unor prevederi ale OG 15/2021 privind reglementarea unor masuri fiscal-bugetare

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